Quadratic Equations: Introduction

Welcome to the first lesson in Quadratic Equations – one of my favourite topics from high school algebra. I find them very tangible, very visual, very interesting.

This is of those topics which do not restrict themselves to just one domain. You’ll also see the power of graphs, and some calculus too. Wherever possible, I’ll demonstrate multiple methods (algebra, graphs, and calculus) to solve the same problem.

Quadratic equations will be an important tool in your math toolbox and you’ll see their applicability in many domains.

So, here’s my plan…

The lesson series will begin with the definition and the methods of solution, followed by equations reducible to quadratic equations.

The next section will focus on the nature of roots, along with their symmetric functions. This will be followed by a couple of lessons on the transformation of equations and a small section on common roots.

The last section will be dedicated to quadratic functions – graphs, range and location of the roots. This should be the most interesting part.

I’ll also extend the theory to higher degree polynomial equations wherever applicable.

So head over to the first lesson, where I’ll begin with the definition of a quadratic equation.