This section contains short lessons on various topics from the high school math curriculum. Most lessons are followed by solved examples related to the topics covered. I hope you find them easy to read.

Currently there are 117 lessons in total, with many many many more to come! Happy learning !


Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry Basics

There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres

1 Introduction2 Distance Formula3 Distance Formula: Examples4 Section Formula
5 Section Formula: Applications6 Section Formula: Examples7 Area of Polygons8 Area of Polygons: Examples
9 Locus: Introduction (Part 1)10 Locus: Introduction (Part 2)11 Locus: Equation (Part 1)12 Locus: Equation (Part 2)
13 Locus: Examples14 Translation of Axes15 Rotation of Axes16 Translation / Rotation: Examples
Straight Line

Straight Line

The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man

1 Introduction2 Slope-Intercept Form: Part 13 Slope-Intercept Form: Part 24 Slope-Intercept Form: Examples
5 Intercept Form6 Intercept Form : Examples7 Point-Slope Form8 Point-Slope Form: Examples
9 Two Point Form10 Two Point Form: Examples11 Normal Form12 Normal Form: Examples
13 General Form14 Comparison of Equations15 Intersection and Concurrency16 Slope of a Line
17 Angle Between Two Lines18 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines19 Angle Between Two Lines: Examples20 Angle Between Two Lines: Examples
21 Distance of a Point from a Line22 Distance of a Point from a Line: Examples23 Distance Between Parallel Lines24 Distance Between Parallel Lines: Examples
25 Parametric Form26 Parametric Form: Examples27 Parametric Form: Examples28 Position of a Point
29 Position of a Point: Examples30 Family of Lines31 Family of Lines: Examples32 Angle Bisectors
33 Angle Bisectors: Examples   

permutations and combinations

Permutations & Combinations

Falsehood has an infinity of combinations, but truth has only one mode of being

1 Introduction2 Fundamental Principle of Counting: Part 13 Fundamental Principle of Counting: Part 24 Fundamental Principle of Counting: Part 3
5 Fundamental Principle of Counting: Part 46 Fundamental Principle of Counting: Examples7 Permutations8 Permutations: Examples
9 Circular Permutations10 Circular Permutations: Examples11 Combinations: Part 112 Combinations: Part 2
13 Combinations: Part 314 Combinations: Examples15 Combinations: Examples16 Permutations of Identical Objects: Part 1
17 Permutations of Identical Objects: Part 218 Permutations of Identical Objects: Examples19 Combinations of Identical Objects20 All Possible Selections: Part 1
21 All Possible Selections: Part 222 All Possible Selections: Part 323 All Possible Selections: Examples24 Divisors of a Number
25 Divisors of a Number: Examples26 Division into Groups: Part 127 Division into Groups: Part 228 Division into Groups: Examples (Coming Soon)


A circle is the reflection of eternity – it has no beginning and it has no end.

1 Introduction2 Definition and Standard Equation3 Equation: Part 14 Equation: Examples
5 Equations: Examples6 Equation: Part 27 Equation: Examples8 Parametric Equation
9 Position of a Point10 Position of a Point: Examples11 Intersection with a Line: Part 112 Intersection with a Line: Examples
13 Intersection with a Line: Part 214 Intersection with a Line: Examples15 Tangent – Slope Form: Part 116 Tangent – Slope Form: Part 2
17 Tangent – Slope Form: Examples18 Tangent – Point Form19 Tangent – Point Form: Examples20 Tangent from an External Point: Part 1
21 Tangent from an External Point: Part 222 Tangent from an External Point: Part 323 Tangent from an External Point: Examples24 Normal: Definition
25 Normal: Equations26 Normal: Examples27 Normal – Shortest Distance: Part 128 Normal – Shortest Distance: Part 2
29 Normal – Shortest Distance: Examples30 Two Circles – Relative Position31 Two Circles – Relative Position: Examples32 Two Circles – Number of Common Tangents
33 Two Circles – Equations of Common Tangents34 Two Circles – Equations of Common Tangents: Examples35 Two Circles – Radical Axis (Coming Soon) 
Quadratic Equation

Quadratic Equations

A mathematical equation stands forever.

1 Introduction2 Definition & Solution 3 Solution: Examples4 Reducible to Quadratic (Part 1)
5 Reducible to Quadratic (Part 2) (Coming Soon)   


There is no such source of error as the pursuit of absolute truth.

1 Introduction2 Examples 3 Equations (Part 1)4 Equations (Part 2)
5 Equations (Part 3)
6 Equations (Part 4)7 Equations: Examples (Coming Soon) 

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