Vector Algebra

This cheat sheet covers the high school math concept – Vector Algebra.

Vector Algebra

This concept is one of the important and very interesting ones in the high school math curriculum. It is one of the important tools to solve various geometry related problems, and also those in physics.

A good knowledge of the basic formulae of vector algebra is a must to understand and solve problems related to vector geometry. A cheat sheet on Vector Geometry is also available on this website.

Some of the concepts and formulae covered in this cheat sheet will be quite helpful in understand those related to three-dimensional geometry. A cheat sheet on 3D Geometry is also available on this website.

This one page PDF covers summarised theory and the most important formulas related to the concept. Keep it handy while you’re revising the concept, especially before an exam.

The topics included in this cheat sheet are:

  • Scalar Multiplication
  • Vector Addition
  • Linear Combination
  • Dot Product
  • Cross Product
  • Scalar Triple Product
  • Vector Triple Product
  • Vector Quadruple Product
  • Geometrical Interpretations

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