Area under Curves

This cheat sheet covers the high school math concept – Area under Curves.

Area under Curves This concept is a part of Calculus and generally follows after Definite Integrals. In fact, finding the area bounded by functions is one of the main applications of Definite Integration. This concept is quite easy as compared to other concepts in Calculus.

A good knowledge of plotting graphs of functions is a must to solve problems related to area under curves. Cheat sheets on Graph Transformations (Basic and Advanced) are also available on this website.

Also, in many problems, knowing the properties of Definite Integrals will help evaluating the answers quickly. A cheat sheet on properties of Definite Integrals is also available on this website.

This one page PDF covers summarized theory and the most important formulas related to the concept. Keep it handy while you’re revising the concept, especially before an exam.

The topics included in this cheat sheet are:

  • Area bounded by a curve with the X axis
  • Area bounded by a curve with the Y axis
  • Area bounded by two or more curves

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