Cheat Sheets

This section contains high school math cheat sheets covering algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry and calculus. Each cheat sheet covers the summary of concepts and the most important formulas related to the particular chapter in a single page.

Currently there are 31 cheat sheets in total, with more to be added soon. Download them all !

3D Geometry Cheat SheetArea under CurvesArea under Curves Cheat SheetCircle

Circle Cheat Sheet

Trigonometric Identities

Conditional Identities Cheat Sheet

Coordinate Geometry Basics  

Coordinate Geometry Basics Cheat Sheet

Definite Integral  

Definite Integrals Cheat Sheet


Determinants Cheat Sheet

Differential Equation  

Differential Equations Cheat Sheet


Differentiation Cheat Sheet


Ellipse Cheat Sheet

Graph Transformation  

Graph Transformations Cheat Sheet

Graph Transformation  

Graph Transformations (Advanced) Cheat Sheet

greatest integer function  

Greatest Integer Function and Fractional Part Function Cheat Sheet


Hyperbola Cheat Sheet

Indefinite Integral  

Indefinite Integrals Cheat Sheet

Inverse Trigonometric Functions  

Inverse Trigonometric Functions Sheet

Inverse Trigonometric Functions  

Inverse Trigonometric Functions Graphs Cheat Sheet


Limits Cheat Sheet


Logarithm Cheat Sheet

Mathematical Logic  

Mathematical Logic Cheat Sheet


Matrix Cheat Sheet
(Coming Soon)


Modulus Cheat Sheet


Parabola Cheat Sheet

Properties of Triangles  

Properties of Triangles Cheat Sheet

Quadratic Equation  

Quadratic Equations Cheat Sheet 


Set Theory Cheat Sheet

Straight Line  

Straight Line Cheat Sheet

Solution of Triangles  

Solution of Triangles Cheat Sheet


Trigonometry Cheat Sheet

Trigonometric Equations  

Trigonometric Equations Cheat Sheet

Vector Algebra  

Vector Algebra Cheat Sheet

Vector Geometry  

Vector Geometry Cheat Sheet

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